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NUSD #1 is located about an hour south of Tucson in the beautiful mountains of Southern Arizona. The City of Nogales is a fantastic place to live and work. It is a progressive city that has successfully maintained its small town charm, rich traditions, and vibrant culture. The city is the county seat for Santa Cruz County and shares the international border with Nogales-Sonora, its sister city in Mexico.

Our school district serves approximately 6,200 students in 10 schools which include a preschool program, six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Located in the southern part of Santa Cruz County, our students and families bring to our school community a rich cultural background that reflects life on both sides of the border.

Most importantly, Nogales is the type of city where “a kid can be a kid.” Far removed from the hustle and bustle of big city life, Nogales is a place where parents can feel safe with nurturing schools and caring neighbors. Come join us here at Nogales Unified School District #1. We can’t wait to meet you!


NUSD Team, 

It is good to know that regardless the challenges we continue to confront with public education, NUSD is here and will continue to be here to service our students and school communities.
I am sure many of you have already heard that the initiative to hike taxes to generate more money for education is completely off the November ballot. It is another sad situation for Arizona education after close to 270, 000 people had signed petitions to take this initiative to the voters. The plaintiffs in that lawsuit successfully argued to the Arizona Supreme Court that the language of the petitions that were circulated were misleading and incomplete. This decision cannot be appealed.

Obviously, this turn of events is extremely disappointing in terms of public education and the effort to fund our schools. This is a complete set back for Districts like NUSD that continue to provide and sustain high quality academic programs, diligently endeavor each budget year to increase employee compensation and incentives and address the challenges presented by our local economy, demographics, and a transient population that results in enrollment fluctuation year round. There is only so much you can do with a limited budget and fluctuating enrollment figures are affected. This is why this initiative was critical not only for NUSD, but for the State of Arizona.

The District depends on student enrollment figures  and current year funding to continue to sustain our current budget. This is a sad day- just when we thought the State's funding for education was moving forward in a positive manner, funding education in Arizona, and now "Invest in Ed" is off the ballot.

Once again, our children's education takes a huge set back as the very needed revenue will certainly  not be coming now or in the near future. It is a setback for all the work that was done by so many educators and people who care about the education of our students, the teaching profession, the professionals at our schools who work with our students every day. 
Our hopes for the opportunity of generating $690 million a year for public education have been dashed for the time being. It is frustrating and very unfortunate what education means to many in this state. It is not a priority and the investment is more about technicalities and political strategies, and sending people away from the ballot who could really had made a difference.

I know that we will all continue to do what is best for our students and provide the best education to better serve and meet the needs of each one of our students we service and teach and learn with everyday. Stay the course, remember why we chose this profession and keep the mission we all promised for our students. This is just one distraction, but we will continue to move forward with pride of what we do everyday and with courage to do what is right with the best intentions for all the students and school communities we serve as public servants and proud educators.

Thank you for what you do everyday, for doing your very best, and for making a difference for each one of the students you teach and learn with everyday. I am proud to serve and lead such a caring district as NUSD!

actualización del superintendente
actualización del superintendente

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El programa T.E.A.M. Kids
El programa T.E.A.M. Kids de la Estación Nogales de la Fronteriza y el Consulado de México invitan al panel:
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Champion of Choices presentation reaches thousands in community
Presentations from the non-profit organization Champion of Choices were given to almost 5,000 students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members August 29 and 30 in Nogales, sponsored by Chamberlain Distribution, the Southern Arizona Autism Association, the Nogales Police Department, and Caza, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program.
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Teachers in Industry
University of Arizona Teachers in Industry program
Javier Lopez, Director of the University of Arizona Teachers in Industry program presented to the Governing Board on Monday, May 14, 2018. The program partners with businesses/industry to provide employment for teachers for the summer months while also providing industry level wages.
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NUSD Action Plan 2018-2019
NUSD Integrated Action Plan for 2018-2019
NUSD comprehends the need to maintain effective leadership by utilizing district-level personnel to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to maintain assets, meet all state and federal mandates, and to have all students college-and-career ready by the time they graduate from high school
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