Shelly Rothstein, 40-year NUSD veteran, honored at governing board meeting

Shelly Rothstein, 40-year NUSD veteran, honored at governing board meeting
Posted on 12/14/2017
Shelly Rothstein

Shelly Rothstein, who joined Nogales Unified School District 40 years ago, was honored Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, at the governing board meeting held at Mary L. Welty Elementary School where she teaches third grade.

The board was meeting at Welty as part of its commitment to hold some of its meetings at District schools.  Supt. Fernando Parra said Rothstein was selected as the educator to be honored at this meeting not only because she is a Welty teacher, but also because of her great success in having her students reach proficiency on state assessments. In the last three years, 50 percent of her students have reached proficiency and 10 percent were ranked as highly proficient, a rate that exceeds state and district averages for third grade.

Rothstein was noted as a dedicated teachers who is at the school early and one of the last to leave.  Welty Principal Aissa Bonillas said Rothstein “is a caring, devoted individual who is always looking for innovate methods in reaching students. She, along with her third-grade team, offer morning, lunch, and after-school tutoring in order to reach all of their students.”

After being recognized by the governing board, Rothstein shared how thankful she was to work for NUSD and at Mary L. Welty. “I feel as if we are all a family who care deeply about our students,” she said, adding how special each student is to her and how it is they who keep her motivated and driven in her profession.